Elevator Modernization

Building owners or property managers who want the benefits of a new elevator without the expense, an elevator modernization…

Elevator Repair

We have the knowledge and expertise to quickly evaluate your entire elevator system. We will determine with certainty what repairs are needed, what repairs are recommended, and troubleshoot or make adjustments to prevent any future malfunction.

Elevator Maintenance

Be proactive and preventive in diagnosing potential problems and solving any issue prior to mechanical breakdowns.

Building Code Compliance

Consolidated Elevator has the expertise, the knowledge, and the know-how to ensure that your elevator service will be in compliance with all N.Y.C. D.O.B. codes that are applicable to your elevator system.

Violation Removal

Failing to file category 1 or category 5 inspections tests and corrections in a timely manner may result in substantial fines from the N.Y.C. D.O.B.

Emergency Elevator Repair

We have Emergency response teams available 24/7 365 strategically placed throughout the 5 boroughs to immediately respond to any emergency situation.

Consolidated Elevator

Since 1970, Consolidated Elevator Industries┬« has a substantial and proven history combined with the pricing power and flexibility needed for today’s environment. We offer the perfect combination! Our team of seasoned veterans can handle anything from complicated construction projects to simple maintenance contracts.

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