Elevator Modernization and Equipment Upgrades

New Technology for Better Performance, Improved Safety, and Attractive Modern Aesthetics

Building owners or property managers who want the benefits of a new elevator without the expense, an elevator modernization may be for you. It can lower operating costs and save energy. Your passengers will enjoy a smoother, safer ride that pleases your tenants and adds value to the building.

We, Will, Modernize Any of These Vertical Transportation Systems

From an advanced microprocessor controller and solid-state starter to ADA compliant car and hall fixtures, we’ll design a comprehensive modernization package to increase elevator safety, efficiency, and reliability.

You can opt for a more attractive cab interior with a fresh, updated look that will delight passengers.  We offer a wide range of colors and designs.

  • Microprocessor controller and Solid State Starter
  • Wiring
  • Door Protection
  • Compliant car and hall fixtures
  • Closed-Loop Door Modernization
  • Battery backup device (optional)
  • Tank unit (optional)
  • Cab interior (optional)
  • Latest version Fireman’s Service Operation
  • Phone setup and wiring (emergency button)

A comprehensive survey of your elevator and building will be performed to determine the extent of modernization needed. We will work within your budget to create a plan that works for you and your building.

If your elevator is more than 20 years old, looks worn and out-of-date, and shuts down often, it’s time to consider modernizing. Call us today to find out more about our free equipment survey.